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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Day Movies!!!!

Arrrgghhh... So sweet citer Valentine Day!!! Best kalau tengok dengan BF, Husband or etc.. heheheh Cerita ni menggandingkan sangat ramai pelakon-pelakon famous Hollywood dan paling penting my hero turut berlakon citer ni si handsome Aston Kutcher and si Patrick tu..huhuhuh Turut berlakon dalam citer ni Taylor Swift.. Tadi mase tengok kat Sunway.. panggung full siap open 2 site ..dua-dua penuh.. huhuhuuh besok sape2 nak pi valentine day.. boleh tambah satu agenda tengok skali citer ni.. so sweet and i like that movies!!!!

Tomorrow i have reunion with my best buddies friends at Pavillion. Becoz of CNY tomorrow and also Valentine, we decided to wearing Red Colour theme..hhahaha how that look ..just see tomorrow... My holiday full with appointment with my friends.. Also on Monday, going to KLIA... Meet Ayu before she leaving Malaysia for further her studies at Sydney, Australia for around 2 years..Well, we had a plan next 2 years from now, maybe we will be business partner.. huhuhu that my future planning but i will try to make it happen... now need to strive for getting more experience and money to setup that planning..huhuhuh Go Go Chaiyok!!! huhuhu

Anyway wishing Happy Chinese New Year for all my friends.. Also Happy Valentine Day to all of U!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

whoaahh!! besh2! hehe
sok pun aku nak pakai baju merah.. walaupun aku x kuar ke mana2..:D



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SorrY!! goMenDasaI.. Maaf.. Atas kecelaRuan Bahasa Yang digunakan.. Saya menulis mengikut keselesaan dan ayat2 yang terkeLuaR di waktu itu..hehehhehe