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Sunday, February 14, 2010


What do u thing bout passion???? My word that i could describe about passion is "PASSION COULD TURN IMPOsSIBLE TO POSSIBLE" Why i said like that??

For me, for doing something that very hard to do you must have passion. When u doing something that come with passion package, u will do it with 110% or even more. You also will ensure everything you do will given higher satisfaction and you really feel happy to do it. Usually, passion come when you are really like to do that job. Without any order or any job responsibility that obliged you, you are willing to do. When you are willing to do, you will make extra job or task that u thing it could make the job complete with fantastic and bombastic.. Aahaaa.. usually person doing this kind of job when she or he really love to do it.. Right.. They don't care bout how much they invest on it, but for them how much passion could make them happy to do it..

But, when u doing something that u don't like and without passion, u just wanna finish it right.. maybe some of us will disagree with what i say.. but usually people out there SUCCESS in their life because they PASSION with whatever you do it..

Every person have their capability to success. But success without passion is something just like S****!!! It is because we don't really feel about it.. Today, when i meet with my best buddies schoolmate, we talked about what we like to do!!! We shared about our life, our working stories, opinion and one thing that i realize from our chatting is PASSION..

When we talked about working life.. it just like such a normal talk.. just bla bla and bla.. just giving some short description what we do in our job routine.. but when we talking about what we like to do, i see that we are so and so passion to talk about our hobbies.. hahahahah my friend said that " Eh, u could make money with your hobby and one thing u must has is PASSION" hhahaha i just laugh bout that coz i don't want to thinking more bout extra money.. But, when we talk more and more, i really realize that some capability that i have!!! She also said that " Eh, maybe u just polish it and maybe it some kind of way for u to success"

Ahhhaaa i just said that i'm not very pro to do it.. and my reason : out there so many people that maybe very creative than me.. But they really motivated myself.. One phrase that they said were "IF U NEVER TRIED U NEVER KNOW WHAT U WILL DO, IF U AFRAID AND NEVER FIGHT IT, TILL THE END YOU WILL BE THE SAME"

Yaaa.. we learnt about management theory but we never practice!!! Just learn in university but never practice in our life!! hahaha Going so many personal development course at university but i never use it in my life.. Just take it the theory but never used it.. Just having passion when in the course but after that leave it in your book or file!!!

Taking the risk.. without it u never know the outcome!!! Don't be afraid just do it!!! Just do it..just do it..just do it...just do it.. If you fail don't sad or angry just take it as challange for you!!!

Take it or leave it!!!! It's your choice!!! Malay phrase "TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA".

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