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Monday, January 12, 2009

i've done...

# I'm going karaoke at Redbox The Garden alone and having my pleasure time for around 3 hours. Before, i'm always lepak at Redbox with some of my workmate.. release tension here and satu haritu pernah hang up there from 8pm till 3am.. Kerja gilla..

#Join futsal competition for Area competition. Even, i have resign from KFC but i'm qualified to join them cause now i'm still in Annual Leaves.. Kira bekerja lagi la.. Past week so busy and wonder how our team won the competition..huuhuhu

# Wonder how, now i'm closed with somebody even 2days i've have known him.. Ermm even i've heard kata-kata angin ini.. macam ade ape2 jer.. but believe it just friend only. Cause aku ni kan rapat ngan semua orang...

ngantuk la.. layanz tido lagi baik..chow..

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SorrY!! goMenDasaI.. Maaf.. Atas kecelaRuan Bahasa Yang digunakan.. Saya menulis mengikut keselesaan dan ayat2 yang terkeLuaR di waktu itu..hehehhehe