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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boycott for Israel product....


I got e-mail from friend about boycott the Israel product. Just wanna share with all of you bout the e-mail. Up to all of you either you want to do it or not.. For me, when i received that mail... i got shocked coz most of the listed brand was my favourite brand/product... huhuhuhu wonder how la i could do it.. coz now i'm using it.. Nak buang sayang beb.. mahal maa..

i'm very pity with palestine.. i don't know what i can do if i'm in their situation.. Thankful to Allah s.w.t cause Malaysia peaceful and i'm always hope it's never happen here. Just pray to Allah s.w.t hoping that the war or unsettlement problem happen in Palestine could be settle. Please to UN, play your roles as peaceful agent. Please to world leader, give your concern to them.. we have democracy why should end up all problem with war.. Please.. the children, mass people, they are not an object to shows your army strength or to show your angry by bombing them, their home.. THINK IT...if it happen to your family..

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SorrY!! goMenDasaI.. Maaf.. Atas kecelaRuan Bahasa Yang digunakan.. Saya menulis mengikut keselesaan dan ayat2 yang terkeLuaR di waktu itu..hehehhehe