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Monday, November 24, 2008


I feel sad yesterday... It give me a lot of tension and till i had crying. actually, hard to me to crying but yesterday makes me do it for something that i think not cause of my fault. Yes maybe some of that come from my fault but why they also not think about their responsibility contribute too also.

from yesterday i have think that actually this job not suitable for me now. I need to come back to administration field back. starting today, i need to revise either i should leave now or waiting for a month for quit from this position & company. Quite hard for me to do it but i think this is the last choice for me to do cause nothing i can do to settle all that problem. Some more actually i'm started feel bored with this job environment. i try to seek any opportunities to go administration field back right now.

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SorrY!! goMenDasaI.. Maaf.. Atas kecelaRuan Bahasa Yang digunakan.. Saya menulis mengikut keselesaan dan ayat2 yang terkeLuaR di waktu itu..hehehhehe