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Friday, November 21, 2008

Nov 2008

this week was very busy week for me. even have a lot of work to do but i still have got some time to relax at KL. Unplanned holiday at big metropolitan town for a couple of day. Check in hotel for two days with my best friends and hang out at KL. watching movies at Time Square, shopping around KL and some eye-seeing at night. Even not a holiday at overseas or other city but i think it's was a great holiday for me. Because, u will feel that our country also a good place to travel. Don't believe it??? Just try to check in at any hotel in the heart of KL, and try to do some activities without travel by your car. Just going out by walking and travel by LRT or monorail. Ermm it was my opinion but i don't know others... Just try... why not to try take a holiday in KL...hehehhe saving our money and time.

This month got chances to go for other jobs interview. Ermm just try to jump back to administration field. Just a hope only but why not we try kan... Didi Boleh..hehehe Some of interview i could go but some can't cause of my work schedule cannot be change with other managers. Don't ask me why to change my job now cause i don't have any reason to state. But only can say that i just want to change my job environment. Who know it could be happen one day..hahahaha

School holiday comes back... Ermm it didn't give any effect for my life but affected for my store sales. Plan sales going high because of school holidays and need to recheck all stock for ensure all available. Got a new job task this month..huhuhuh i need to incharge back store room with help some staff in order to recount back all the stock and do some new rules and regulation bout taking stock in store. This happen due of a lot of stock count not tally with the account and some stock maybe stolen by others. huh... sape la yang curi ni kan..menyusahkan aku jer...huhuhuhu..

School holiday a lot of weeding invitation. Ermm here, i want to apologize to all my friend who invite me to their wedding cause i maybe cannot come due of every saturday & sunday no more offday on that day.. huhuhuh tension.. but i try to take some leave for certain wedding invitation. A lot of my friends going to married life. Some people ask me "when your turn? huhuhuhuhu can't ask that question cause i'm still single until now.. Still waiting for my Mr Right coming into my life.. i'm not a chooser but for me in term of next life episode i want a better life. Hope could meet someone who could give me happiness forever. ..amin..

For those birthday on November i wish all of you Happy Birthday. May God bless your life and always have happiness and success in your life. Amin.. Hope also our friendship forever even now all of us busy with career but one day could meet all of u.

okla until here my post.. Got to go work now.. midnight shift today.. huhuhu and today have a lot of catering order.. See for next post...

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SorrY!! goMenDasaI.. Maaf.. Atas kecelaRuan Bahasa Yang digunakan.. Saya menulis mengikut keselesaan dan ayat2 yang terkeLuaR di waktu itu..hehehhehe